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8 x 28 Construction Trailer - D/FW Texas

Modular Building Associates (MBA) has two methods of helping you sell your used modular building.

One method is our paid listing service under 
The second is a free listing under with a listing contract with MBA. 

The listing costs either $1,500 per month, $3,000 for a three month listing or $5,000 for a six month listing. 
You handle and quote all sales leads generated from the listing.  You handle all contracts with the buyer and with any subcontractors.

With our listing, you contract with MBA.  MBA then handles all sales leads, all quotes, and all follow-ups. 
MBA will handle all contracts with the buyer and then manage the general contracting required to relocate the building when sold. 

With both types of listings, MBA relies upon you to provide pictures of the interior and exterior of your building. 
MBA will build the web pages and post the building on either or 

For more information, please send an email with pictures and drawings of your building. 
Our email address is
Thank you for your interest in our services.

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